You’ve seen the memes:

You’ve heard the cliches:

      • “Forgive and forget!”
      • “Why can’t you let bygones be bygones?”
      • “Allow the past to make you better, not bitter!”
      • “Haven’t you moved on yet?”
      • “Just let go and let God.”

You’ve watched other Christian women declare:

“I live with NO REGRET!”

And you’ve wondered:

How can she say that?!?

For those of us who are … 

Knee-Jerk Apologizers




Emotion Laborers/Workers


“Control Freaks”





… it’s hard to imagine living with “no regret.”

Because regret isn’t simply WHAT WE DO.

… it’s become WHO WE ARE.

Hi, I’m Cheri Gregory!

10 years ago, I publicly denounced Perfectionism for its abuses against generations of women in my family.

In the decade since, as I’ve faced dozens of hard truths — about what I’ve done, what I’ve not done, and what was done to me — God has been steadily redeeming my relationship with my #1 nemesis:


Although I’ll never claim to live with no regret, I can say that “getting to know regret” has changed everything … even aspects of my life I was 100% certain were beyond hope.

I’m excited to share with the you a practical map — based on Biblical truths, research studies, and personal stories — for leaving #AllMyFault far behind and finding the new life of real connection, true satisfaction, and genuine joy that’s waiting for you, too!

Plus, I’ll serve as your personal guide, every step of the way.

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