The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe is open to new members for an extra …

“If I’m trying this hard,
why do I still feel so overwhelmed?”

You’ve tried everything.

You’ve read the self-help books. Set up new systems. Tracked your habits. Established daily routines.

Studied your Bible. Kept a prayer journal. Attended church.

Figured out your personality type (wow, that was fun!)

Dealt with your childhood baggage (ahem … not fun).

But life as a Highly Sensitive Person still feels overwhelming.

Especially when you pick up on sounds and smells and sights that nobody else seems to notice. 

And wonder, “Are these my own emotions I’m feeling? Or have I absorbed someone else’s … yet again?” 

Or when you’re repeatedly told that “sensitive” is synonymous with weak or defective or broken.

The key to feeling less overwhelmed
isn’t trying harder —
it’s becoming your true HSP self.

You can … 

    • shift away from thinking “something must be wrong with me” and learn, instead, to embrace the HSP gift God’s given you
    • recognize your real emotions without apprehension and still “take every thought captive”
    • gain confidence in trusting your HSP wiring, allowing your sensitivity to shine through to a world that desperately needs your tender heart
    • discover the ability to experience abundant joy and appreciate deep beauty that comes with high sensitivity


The Sensitive & Strong
Community Cafe

Think of it as the “wellness center” for your HSP heart.

Just knowing there are others who understand helps you feel less alone in your normal HSP struggles.

As you connect with other HSPs who have similar experiences, you gain validation about why you respond the way you do in certain situations.

Together you discover strategies for managing the daily challenges that come with the gift of being highly sensitive. 

You can be fully who God created you to be as an HSP — without the constant overwhelm.

“I consider this a safe community for me. The women in this group understand how I feel because they live it themselves. I feel understood and supported.”  ~ Cafe Member

Meet Your Host: Cheri Gregory

Growing up, I was an easily-overwhelmed, highly-reactive child. I heard the same words, over and over again:

“You are such a crybaby / attention-seeker / drama queen!”

“Why do you take everything so personally?”

“You are just too sensitive.”

I took these messages to heart, believing that something was very wrong with me.

As an adult, determined to find and fix my defects, I bought and devoured the self-help shelves of Barnes & Noble. Attended church and Bible study religiously. Sat in the front row taking copious notes at workshops, seminars, and retreats.

But no matter how hard I tried, I remained as easily-overwhelmed and highly-reactive as ever.

The first time I read about what it meant to be a Highly Sensitive Person, I felt a relief wash over me. There was nothing wrong with me. My experience was well within the bounds of “normal” for the highly sensitivity trait that 20% of the population shares.

As I’ve come to embrace and celebrate my God-given wiring and to learn tools to work with how He created me, my level of overwhelm has diminished greatly.

I’ve gone on to reach thousands of HSP Christian women as an author, speaker, and coach. In fact, two of my books are titled Overwhelmed and Sensitive & Strong. And in 2019, I founded The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe

Now that I’ve quit trying to be like everyone else, I’m enjoying new-found freedoms that have brought me contentment, peace, and unexpected joy.

These same freedoms are waiting for you!

“What I love is the assurance that I’m not alone! Getting to know all of the other wonderful cafe members. And learning that being an HSP can be a blessing … after feeling for so long as if it’s a disease. I check in as much as possible to remind myself I’m not crazy!”  ~ Cafe Member

The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe

You’ll gain 24/7 access to our private membership platform, where you can: 

    • Connect with other HSPs who get you
    • Gather with a community of kindred spirits on weekly Zoom calls
    • Access recorded workshops to help you set boundaries and overcome overwhelm
    • Pick-and-choose what you use, based on what meets your needs.

Ready to get started?

You get everything the Sensitive and Strong Community Cafe has to offer.

Choose your perfect-fit payment plan below.

“The workshops are a great tool to help me understand relational and emotional dynamics among family and friends. It helps me to accept myself and keep growing. Which, in turn, helps me to accept them better. It’s a chain reaction — the more I learn, the more I can cope in a healthy manner through Christ who gives me strength.”  ~ Cafe Member 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already overwhelmed — won't adding something else to my life make it worse?

Joining The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe isn’t about adding “something else” to your life.

It’s about accepting and connecting with yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person. Adjusting your life to be in alignment with who you actually are — the way God wired you to be. Discovering effective tools to help you honor your HSP wiring and dial down your HSP overwhelm.

That’s what you’ll learn to do inside The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe.


As one Cafe member puts it:

“I love being able to connect, support, learn from and grow with others in our understanding of what it means to be an HSP and how to not just live but thrive as one.”

Why should I join now?

Membership prices will be increasing by 30% on July 1. When you join now, you’ll be locked into the current lower rate.

For the last three years, Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe membership rates have remained unchanged, even though rampant inflation has driven our operating expenses way up. So if you’ve been on the fence about joining, now’s the time!

Is The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe worth the investment?

What would it be worth to you to have access to everything you need to overcome your HSP overwhelm?

To learn how to work with your HSP wiring instead of fighting against it.

To discover strategies for managing the daily challenges that come with the gift of being highly sensitive. 

To experience the abundant joy and deep appreciation for beauty that come with high sensitivity.

And to gain confidence, allowing your God-given sensitivity to shine through to a world that desperately needs your tender heart.


Here’s what one Cafe member has to say:

“I love learning how to navigate life as an HSP, gaining tools to use, and great support in implementing them. I am leaning into being an HSP instead of trying so hard to hide it.”

Is this on Facebook?

No. In fact, it’s not on any “social media” channel.

The Sensitive & Strong Community Cafe is a curated private community, built from the ground up specifically with HSPs in mind. We chose a platform that’s simple to use and easy on your eyes, with plenty of white space.


From a Cafe member:

“I love this community and am grateful to have a safe place to explore all our feelings. Thank you!”

What happens if I decide to cancel?

It’s easy-peasey! Simply let me know by emailing me at [email protected], and I’ll process your cancelation request immediately.

You can also cancel your subscription through PayPal at any time.

“The Cafe is a place where I can relate to others in how we deeply experience the world around us, support and encourage each other from a Christ-centered biblical perspective.”  ~ Cafe Member

Where will you be one week from now?

Feeling ever more exhausted from trying harder and harder,
fighting against who you’re designed to be as an HSP?


Enjoying new-found relief from your overwhelm inside
the Sensitive and Strong Community Cafe?

“I can’t imagine living without my HSP ‘peeps’!”

~ Cafe Member

“I’ve learned insights for navigating daily in faith. Boundary-setting. Relationship help. Gaining perspective on how to step back and reflect on issues, which can help decrease over-thinking. Planning ahead to avoid overwhelm. Support to keep growing in faith life.”  ~ Cafe Member 

Knowing that other Cafe members have struggled and have found ways to deal with issues is a great comfort and inspiration.”  ~ Cafe Member 

“Sometimes I feel vulnerable when I put something out there that’s personal, but usually within an hour or so I have positive feedback and don’t feel alone any more. That’s so comforting.”  ~ Cafe Member